HIV Cure Progress

HIV Cure Progress Study Group

The are three main aims for the HIV Cure Progress Study Group:

  • Build HIV cure progress knowledge/literacy for people with HIV in WA.
  • Advocate for further investment and and where possible participation in Australian HIV cure research trials at all stages.
  • Provide a safe place and organise events for people with HIV to have hope, engage in discussion about HIV cure progress and correct or re-calibrate media hype which may have unintended negative consequences.

The group meets regularly every two months and often discusses articles posted on the most excellent Australian site , which is a collaboration between NAPWHA and the Australian HIV Cure Community Partnership.

Another highly regarded community publisher on HIV cure progress is  we give many thanks to outstanding community advocates in the HIV cure space like Richard Jeffreys and give  particular gratitude to  the people with HIV who are participating in experimental trials for HIV cure research. A huge thank you and acknowledgements also go to the amazing scientists who are with us in carrying the hope of torch by dedicating their science research to find a HIV cure.

Please contact us if you would like to be part of the HIV Cure Progress Study Group.